In the old days, our Thai ancestors fought the enemies not only with their weapon but also with the bare-handed technique called "Aa Wai Ya Wut" "Aa Wai Ya Wut" are ten weapons namely two fists, two feets, two knees, two elbows, head and buttocks Aa Wai Ya Wut is the martial arts that contributed to the creation of our nation. The martial arts that represents national identity for our children to be proud of.

When the country is at peace from the war, the warriors liked to practice the skill of bare-handed combat. From the war fighting styles, it has evolved over time and become the best standing combat sport in the world called... MUAY KARD CHUEK

"Aa Wai Ya Wut" Bare-handed weapon The cultural roots of Thai wisdom.

THAI FIGHT LEAGUE "The bloody arena for the real fighter"

introduces male fighters and female fighters, both domestic and international, from around the world, to the Kard Chuek (rope) fighting style. The fight is certified by "THAI FIGHT INTERNATIONAL BOXING ASSOCIATION (TFIBA)"


THAI FIGHT INTERNATIONAL BOXING ASSOCIATION Using the rules of "THAI FIGHT INTERNATIONAL BOXING ASSOCIATION" (TFIBA) they will fight with in 3 rounds boxing match. If the result of the match is a draw result, the match will be decided on the winner of the 4th round. The competition is divided into 3 rounds as follows:

  • First round (split the line to collect points) Competing in each model according to the weight models. There are 8 competitors divided into 2 groups (A line and B line) each line have 4 competitors.
  • Second round (Semi-final round) After we got first place and second place of each line, they are compete alternately. 1st place of group A vs 2nd place of group B 1st place of group B vs 2nd place of group A
  • Third round (Final round) After we got the winners, they are going to compete on the big stage of THAI FIGHT to become the champion of THAI FIGHT KARD CHUEK in that weight model. The winner of Semi-final round

The points system

  • Win by knockout 3 point
  • Win by point 2 point
  • In the case of a 3-round fight, if the result is draw, no point will be awarded. They must compete in the 4th round to decide the winner.
  • Lose 0 point

Fighters Weight Class

Men 10 classes
  • 63 KG.
  • 65 KG.
  • 67 KG.
  • 69 KG.
  • 71 KG.
  • 73 KG.
  • 75 KG.
  • 77 KG.
  • 79 KG.
  • and 81 KG.
Women 8 classes
  • 51 KG.
  • 53 KG.
  • 55 KG.
  • 57 KG.
  • 59 KG.
  • 61 KG.
  • 63 KG.
  • and 65 KG.

Kard Chuek (Men)

Other weight Coming soon..


"THAINESS to the world"